Green Canvas Weddings

Green Canvas Weddings is one of our most exciting programs to date. We work with caterers, event planners, staffing companies, and other venues to create zero waste, 100% landfill-diverted events that include pre-event hauling, bin rentals, post-event cleaning, and food donations to the homeless. Our food donation program helps feed families all over California in need in a very safe and legal manner. For pricing and questions, please contact Kai Cohen

Green Canvas Cardboard Renewal

The Green Canvas Cardboard Renewal Program will be a future initiative that we hope to put in place in the next year. This program, which we are already planning will collect cardboard boxes from Prime Users as well as other customers who are avid purchasers and receive large amounts of cardboard boxes per month. The Renewal program will be done through our app that is also being created at the moment.