Our Goal

We are are waste management company that specializes in finding sustainable alternatives in various waste stricken industries. Our goal/mission is to create waste free programs for such industries as well as create products that will help progress the waste management industry into the future. We promise to utilize the advancing tech industry and create programs that push not only us but our competitors to new heights. 

Green Canvas is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can use some new ideas and leaders.

Kai Cohen, CEO, founded Green Canvas in early 2016, seeing opportunity for change among the countless recycling, hauling, and waste management companies that were taking advantage of their clients, while completely disregarding the environment. Kai envisioned a company that did not limit itself to specific operations. He wanted to create a company that did anything and everything to meet clients needs and not for itself. Making sustainability fun and easy would create an environment for others to want to do it and not groan at the thought of it. He immediately went to work to create that better kind of waste management company – ethical, collaborative, and innovative - and that is when Green Canvas was born. Today Green Canvas is a sustainable waste management company, working with several facets of the industry, bringing forth fair earnings, ease, and customized programs that fit the needs of each individual client. Green Canvas is constantly seeking new and creative ways to recycle and to repurpose the materials our resourceful planet has given us. Whether it is by creating zero-waste events, minimizing waste by donating to those in need, renewing cardboard, or even creating sustainable biofuel for our collection trucks, Green Canvas is ultimately setting the goal of being everything that has to do with the words recycling and sustainability